Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following is a list of common questions that we have been asked by many of our clients or prospective clients. Please have a look at the respective section and see if your question is already answered there. In case you do not find it here, feel free to contact us.


We have started our business back in February, 2010. However, before getting started with Kite Web, some of our key personnel were highly involved with this industry for several years.

That's not a problem. Many of our clients actually reside outside Dhaka. In order to purchase any service from us, you can place an order online and pay directly to our bank account.

We provide hard copy paper invoices for your purchased services only on demand. Otherwise, you will receive an electronic invoice in your email for every service you purchase.

Currently we are accepting payments through our BRAC Bank account. We are trying to add more bank accounts for your convenience. For the time being, you can deposit your payment to the following account:


Account Name: Kite Web
Account No: 1514-2021-2058-3001
BRAC Bank Limited

We would be happy to have you pay a visit to us. We are open 7 days a week, except national holidays, and our office hours are from 10 am to 6 pm. However, if you are unable to visit us during this time, feel free to contact us and we will try to arrange an appointment at your convenient time.


Web Hosting

Our server is located in the Liquid Web Datacenter in Michigan, USA . Liquid Web is known as one of the most trusted and reliable state-of-the-art datacenter in the world.


We take pride on the performance of our web servers. Our servers not only enjoy the benefits of high specification resources or maximum uptime, we also back that by our dedicated support. Besides, we keep limited number of account per server to ensure the performance. You can count on us!

Yes, all our hosting account comes with the most recent release of CPanel, the most feature rich control panel for Linux hosting. You can try the demo of CPanel here.

Windows hosting is something that we have a plan to provide at some point in the future. Currently we have offering of 4 Linux hosting plans.

If you have forgot your hosting control panel password, you can file request to recover your password through this page. Alternatively, you can call us at +88 (02) 9101485, 9101620 and request a retrieval. We will send you the password to your email.

Yes, there is no problem. We host any top level domains that is registered by any registrar. All you have to do is point your domain's nameserver to us. You can find our nameservers below:


Primary Nameserver: NS1.KITEHOSTING.COM []

Secondary Nameserver: NS2.KITEHOSTING.COM []


Domain Names

The cost of domain registration has hiked significantly over the last few years. Still, we charge a nominal rate of TK. 750 for domain registration when you purchase web hosting service as well from us. We can afford that since the price of the hosting plan can offset the cost of the reduced domain name registration price. However, when you do not buy hosting service from us, we  are left with no alternatives but to charge you a little higher.

Yes, you get access to the domain registration management panel when you purchase domain registration service from us. This is independent from your hosting control panel and allows you to administer your domain, like whois data control, nameserver modification etc.

Yes, we will be more than happy to assist you to transfer in your domains to us. In case of transfers, you need to make sure that your domain is not under any sort of 'lock', you have the domain secret and you have access to the administrative email of the domain. Once you have the above, contact us and we will initiate the transfer process for you.

We hate to see you leave us but we understand that there are circumstances when you have to leave. In that case you have the full freedom to transfer out your domain to anywhere. We provide all the necessary information to transfer a domain and you can access them through your domain registration control panel.

It depends on the time that has passed since the expiry. Naturally, a domain name does not get deleted immediately after expiration. The domain may not be active but it remains for a period (which varies with the extension). During this time, solely the domain owner can renew it, which is actually a privilege to them. However, if  you need to know whether you can still renew your expired domain or not, please contact support.


Web Designing

This often is dictated by the client. Every project has a deadline and we endeavor to meet that for you. Also, the size of the project is crucial for such measurements.  However, from our past experience we assume one of the most common reason for delay is the time required to provide the content by the client.

We understand that there are unforeseeable issues for any web development project and those issues can be observed only after the site is live. We always stand by our works and if bugs or other issues are found, we offer fix for them at no additional charge. However, if you need monitoring and enhancement, we also offer maintenance service for affordable prices.

No, not with us. We are very clear about what we will provide and that too in written document. So, as long as we go by the line, we do not charge a cent extra of what we have agreed upon. We understand that the requirement of the client may change as the development goes and for such enhancements, we can mutually agree on the proceedings. But there is no way we will ask you to pay additional charges.

This depends greatly on a number of factors. Many firms use the per-page charge to set a price but we do not find that effective. For all our development projects, we use CMS, either opensource or custom, and we give you the liberty to create as many pages of content as you want, yourself. So, rather we set a charge to develop the whole system and this varies with your requirement. But if you are really  looking for figures, we may say we can develop a site for the price of TK. 4,000 or Tk. 40,000.

This has not happened so far yet, as we discuss in-depth before we get started, create wire-frames and ask for your approvals. However, we understand still there may be scenario like this. In those cases, we will try to listen to you more carefully and come up with something that matches your expectations. Still, if you do not like the design, we will be happy to make you refunds.